How to Safely Reoccupy Our Buildings During COVID-19

Science-Based Solutions to Safely Reoccupy Our Buildings During COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left many of us asking questions about how, when or even if we’ll return to working together in our buildings as we did in the past. We believe it is critical that we identify solutions to reduce the risk of infection in our buildings and create a path forward to normalcy as quickly as possible.

For our clients, partners and friends who own and operate real estate, those whose organizations are struggling to find ways to collaborate, innovate, thrive, or just survive without the benefit of their place of business to support them, we offer important information and solutions for your consideration.

We believe the key to understanding how to make our buildings safe for occupancy starts with understanding how we become infected with COVID-19.  With a scientific understanding of the risks, we can then apply targeted solutions.  With this in mind, we reached out to the most knowledgeable person we know in this field, former USAF Surgeon General PK Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS.

General Carlton has studied chemical and biological threats for more than 42 years. His extensive research into SARS and now COVID-19 provides the scientific basis for mitigating the risks we face today inside our buildings.  We strongly recommend that you review this presentation and accompanying research and use it as the basis for creating a strategy for your buildings.

Solutions Matrix

To accompany the video briefing and research report, REES has developed a solutions matrix to help organizations understand and prioritize the best technologies for various spaces. This matrix can provide a starting point for your organization to build a strategy to safely reoccupy your buildings and maintain a healthy indoor environment for the future.