How we confirm the scope of your renovation project

When you start any renovation project, defining the scope will play a large role in the success of the project. Budgets, schedules and the capabilities of your project are directly impacted by correctly defining the scope.

Here’s how we do that :

Review Existing Documentation

At the beginning of every project, we review all existing documentation. This could include previous architectural drawings, prior master planning or programming efforts, engineering drawings, specifications and facility standards. This helps gain an understanding of possible issues and history that could affect the project.

Site Visit

In the pre-design phase of a project, our team will conduct an onsite evaluation of existing conditions. We will meet with your facilities manager to discuss known issues. The visual and capacity observations of installed systems will be compared to any base drawings your provide. We’ll also review the space’s adjacencies and relationship to surrounding facility offerings.

Finding Common Goals Pre-Kickoff

In a project’s beginning stages, ideas and goals are constantly changing. Before kickoff, we’ll ask for your help identifying key stakeholders for the project. Then we’ll reach out to them to hear their perspective on project needs. We denote common goals amongst various stakeholders. By doing so, our team comes informed and ready to lead the project’s kickoff meeting.

Understanding Your Decision Making Tree

Part of establishing project goals early is knowing the paths of communication in your organization. Each project will hold differing objectives and affect various stakeholders. By establishing each project’s key decision makers, the communication flow and project processes are more efficient.

Kickoff Meeting

While it might seem like a kickoff meeting is the starting point, our goal is to have done a lot of our homework before this meeting. At project kickoff, we conduct a scope verification with users and stakeholders. In this meeting, we discuss the overall project vision and document major goals of the project. We often ask end user groups to help create a process map which outlines your organization’s work flow during the project. This lets our team match your organization’s processes.

A Well Defined Scope

By the end of the kickoff meeting together we should have a well defined and documented scope for your renovation project. We’ll use this scope as the basis for the project schedule, early construction cost estimates and programming documents. This helps limit change orders during the design and construction process.

We know scope changes during a project are common and that’s okay with us. With a well defined initial scope, when a change happens we can clearly discuss the impact on the rest of the project.