Inside Goosehead Insurance: Innovative Strategies for Office Branding

Goosehead Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the country. Core to their success has been a focus on a high-quality client experience. When Goosehead reached out to REES, they wanted to extend that experience to their rapidly growing portfolio of offices across the country.

They understand physical workspaces convey their brand and values every day to employees. It’s easier to embody the brand to clients when you’re sitting in a space infused with expressions of that brand.

Here’s an inside look at the innovative strategies Goosehead Insurance uses to express their identity and increase the productivity of employees in their corporate offices.

Flexible Brand Standards

Consistency is key in reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty. Goosehead Insurance knows this principle well as they have partnered with REES to renovate and finish out their office locations throughout the Texas region and a location in Las Vegas, Nevada. In each of these projects, it was important to integrate brand elements in a unique way, such as their logo being part of a moss wall in San Antonio or Westlake. Nods of their vibrant green brand color are hinted throughout the spaces, whether it’s in furniture arrangements, doorways or wallcoverings. Prominent displays of their brand are also throughout, such as their office in Clearfork, Texas. One of their guiding principles —“Our clients and our people are our assets”—is featured on a main wall in the office, a visible testament to their commitment to excellence and client-centric approach. By integrating these design elements, Goosehead ensures that its offices serve visible expression of its brand, fostering trust among employees and clients alike.

Infusing Local Influences

While designing a space with the company’s branding is essential, integrating attributes of the city and scenery provides a sense of personalization unique to the location. The design team took the opportunity to blend the Goosehead branding with a local flair in a recent renovation project. The team worked with a graffiti artist to create a mural stretching across a wall in their Las Vegas, Nevada location. Elements of the city skyline and desert terrain are incorporated with the Goosehead Insurance logo. In addition to the mural, artwork around the office includes local landmarks and nearby national parks. Infusing these elements into the design gives a subtle nod to the regional aesthetics and establishes their presence in the city.

Engaging Employee Experiences

An employee’s experience throughout the workday intricately links to their overall satisfaction with the company. Goosehead strives for an “employee-first” mentality, providing space for relentless innovation, collaboration and enjoyment in each of their layouts. Lounge areas break up workstation cubicles, offering employees the opportunity to change the way they work. Cooperative spaces provide teams with the ability to brainstorm new ideas, while small office spaces and conference rooms give way for guidance and mentorship. A community space provides an opportunity to rest and play a game with the team, while the wellness rooms offer a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate. Prioritizing employee well-being, the design in each location boosts team collaboration and productivity. By investing in the employee experience, Goosehead creates a workforce that is not only aligned with its values, but also serves as passionate advocates for the industry leader.

Goosehead Insurance’s approach to integrating their brand into multiple locations creates office spaces that are more than just places of work—they enhance both employee morale and client relationships and strengthen the overall perception of Goosehead Insurance in the market. To explore how REES is designing corporate offices and more, click here.