Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

A Dynamic Hub for Nonprofit Community Leaders

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits (OKCNP) offers nonprofits the tools and programming they need to operate diverse missions that benefit our community. With a network of over 5,000 Oklahoman organizations, OKCNP aimed to create a dynamic hub where nonprofit leaders could come together, collaborate, and ignite positive change for their communities.

The design team planned an exciting renovation to the existing American Red Cross Building in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District. More than just OKCNP’s offices, this repurposed facility opens its doors to nonprofits, dedicating nearly 60% of its 31,000-square-foot space for their use. Nonprofit leaders can benefit from adaptable video conferencing rooms, co-working spaces, group workstations and large conference rooms. A sprawling event space can host gatherings of many sizes, from small-scale workshops to community fundraising events. The building also features three spacious training rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so organizations across the state can access educational and consulting resources.

Great emphasis was placed on adaptable, public-facing spaces to support a variety of applications. Conference rooms were designed with telescoping walls which can be opened to create custom hosting layouts. Furniture is versatile, catering to diverse workstyles, ensuring that every staff member and nonprofit community member can carve out their ideal workspace.

Atypical stonework, warm woods accents and a palette reminiscent of red clay and blue skies evoke the breathtaking landscape of the Sooner state. The building’s existing structural elements were embraced, a sustainable design decision that adds character without compromising the modern design. Large windows added to formerly windowless conference and workspaces allow ample natural light to fill the space, boosting productivity and wellbeing. As an homage to the building’s storied origins, the Red Cross’ emblem remains in the building’s glazing.

At the foot of the state capitol, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits’ new location offers phenomenal resources to community members and solidifies the nonprofit sector as a critical part of the economy.


Top Office Renovation
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Best in City Center Oklahoma City
IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter, 2023

Runner-Up in Civic/Non-Profit
Oklahoma Interior Design Coalition, 2023

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