Fortune 100 Technology Company

Lobby Redesign Turns Check Point into Brand Experience

How do you know you’ve renovated a corporate lobby the right way?

People stop to take selfies.

Our client’s visitor lobby didn’t used to have that effect. Once functioning as a security checkpoint, the space was cloaked in dark tile and closed in by two thick staircases. Rather than enjoying their visit, guests would shuffle through quickly to reach the Texas sun just outside the doors.


Houston, Texas

Square Feet


Staircases Removed


Selfies Created


Feeling Like You’ve Arrived

Rather than simply a lobby to pass through, our client wanted to create a destination of sorts that was warm, welcoming, and communicated their brand. So we got to work. By removing one of the staircases and shifting the reception desk to the side of the space, we were able to create an airy layout with plenty of gathering space for guests and employees.

Branded elements became the focal point in this new arrangement, creating the feel of stepping into a major hub of this international brand. In the absence of the
staircase, natural light floods the two-story entrance. Glass panels along the staircase let light flow and reflect throughout the space. Natural materials like the walnut veneer on the walls and the limestone surrounding the reception desk provide a warm and timeless aesthetic for the space. LED lighting accents provide soft, energetic glow and the golden yellow furniture adds a sophisticated pop of color.

Operations Issues into Opportunities

A turnstile door that created drafts and let in environmental debris was replaced with a vestibule and walk -off mats. The new design keeps the elements
outside and the floors clean. In addition, underfloor heating and cooling at the reception desk were added. It is easily controlled by staff members, addressing thermal comfort issues prior to the renovation.

Sustainably Designed

Sustainable design additions are seen in the new LED lights, which are both budget-savvy and stylish, in keeping with the brand. The new control system takes advantage of the abundant sunlight while simultaneously preventing any shadowed corners. A new heating and cooling system with better controls is out of view, but makes the space feel as warm as it looks.

The result is a space that creates a strong impression for the brand and possibly a few photo memories for guests and employees who walk through each day.