Stillwater Medical Center

Surgical Expansion Meets Diverse Needs of Patients and Providers

When Stillwater Medical Center needed to expand their main surgical unit, they asked REES to design a unit that met the diverse surgical needs of the community and ensured seamless medical care for patients. This resulted in a 24,440-square-foot addition and renovating nearly 20,000 square feet of existing space. Greatly expanding the capacity of care, Stillwater Medical Center now offers cutting-edge medical technologies to Stillwater residents close to home.

Promoting Patient Care

The comprehensive surgical unit includes 22 prep and surgery recovery rooms, seven operating rooms, two surgery consultation suites, a private isolation and bariatric recovery room, four patient exam rooms, an endoscopy area and an expanded waiting room. The design facilitates effective and efficient patient care through unrestricted, semi-restricted and restricted zones. This continuum of care allows staff to move patients without entering public areas and provide maximum privacy throughout every patient’s stay.

Advanced Technology in Operating Rooms

Operating rooms are equipped with video-integrated technology for physicians as they operate. Cameras at the end of surgical tools cast larger images on the screens for the staff throughout surgery. Cameras at the end of surgical tools cast larger images on the screen throughout the procedure. Only available in seven facilities across Oklahoma, Stillwater Medical Center has invested in the latest surgical robot innovation—the daVinci Xi Surgical System advances minimally invasive surgeries, decreasing a patient’s recovery time. Each operating room is outfitted with the Steris CLEANSUITE system, an airborne mitigation system that enhances air quality and optimizes patient safety. Not only does this ceiling mounted system minimize surgical site infections, but it also offers optimal airflow and lighting for operations.

By prioritizing the standard of patient care and integrating advanced medical technology, Stillwater Medical Center’s expanded surgical unit brings significant advancements to the local healthcare infrastructure. The new facility offers improved medical outcomes and increased accessibility for the North Central Oklahoma region.


People’s Choice Award in Healthcare Architecture
AIA Central Oklahoma, 2024

Best in Large Healthcare
Oklahoma Interior Design Coalition, 2023