We are excited to showcase our expertise in multifamily architecture. With the increasing demand for urban living spaces, the design of multifamily buildings plays a significant role in creating thriving communities.

At REES, we have a talented team of architects, planners, and interior designer who specialize in designing multifamily buildings that attract residents and are operational efficient. Our team has extensive experience in designing a variety of multifamily structures including: apartment buildings, mixed-use developments, senior living communities and single family for rent.

We understand the importance of designing amenity spaces that enhance the sense of community among residents. Our team strives to create spaces that are inviting, comfortable, and adaptable to the changing needs of residents over time.

We are passionate about designing multifamily buildings that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable. We are excited to share our qualifications with you and look forward to working with you to create inspiring spaces for urban living.

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REES Multifamily Qualifications (PDF)
REES Multifamily Presentation (PDF)

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