REES Competes in Annual Gingerbread House Competition

REES participated in the annual Gingertown Dallas held annually at NorthPark Center. The event, touted as the largest gingerbread house event in North Texas, saw 38 teams of architects, engineers and contractors design candy-covered North Pole inspired structures.

REES is proud to donate and participate in this event benefitting the Children’s Craniofacial Association which helps children and families affected by facial differences.

Team Theme

Pop Rocks Planetarium

Time to Construct

4 hours

Total Confections

100 pieces of candy &cookies

Key Features

sugar dome; cookie and candy telescope; saltwater taffy solar sy

With “Pop Rocks Planetarium” as REES’ theme, Sarah Bay, Cecilia Diaz and Kimberly Lefner had four hours to complete their celestially inspired gingerbread house. Tasked with incorporating Pop Rocks candy into the design, the team incorporated more than 100 pieces of candy and cookies into the edible structure.

Used as ground cover for the planetarium’s landscaping, the Pop Rocks would actually pop as the team attempted to adhere the candy to the gingerbread. It was a balancing act to incorporate and affix the candy to the moist icing without it immediately exploding.

Other confectionery features include real twinkle lights encased by a sugar dome; solar system of planets made of saltwater taffy encircling the planetarium; a telescope made of a Pirouline wafer cookie and fruit roll-ups; and handmade chocolate reindeer and a chocolate Santa Claus.

“It was really special that we got to build next to the children who benefit from this event. It was so great to see their excited faces as the gingerbread houses came to life.”

Team REES | Sarah Bay, Cecilia Diaz, Kimberly Lefner

Gingertown North Pole 2021 is on display until January 7, 2022 on Level One in Nordstrom Court at NorthPark Center. You can find REES’ Pop Rocks Planetarium at plot 26 on Milky Way.