REES Named 2019 Beacon Award Finalist

The Journal Record recognizes REES as a finalist for the 2019 Beacon Award in the charitable influence category. This award is given to organizations who demonstrate a company culture that encourages and supports volunteerism, charitable giving and community involvement by its members. We were named a finalist for our ongoing volunteer efforts with ReMerge, an organization helping women and mothers who face incarceration transform into productive citizens.

When REES began our project for ReMerge’s new Journey Home, we were attracted to the organization’s mission, but we never expected the incredible impact it would make on our team. The work ReMerge provides for women in our community has inspired our firm to participate in more ways than design.

As word of ReMerge’s powerful work spread, our office became involved in supporting ReMerge. Some efforts include attending multiple fundraising luncheons, creating graphics and celebrating ReMerge’s newest graduates at their graduation ceremonies. We also are preparing to participate in ReMerge’s Career Training, which will expose women to career opportunities in construction, engineering and architecture. In April, our team is working together to assist a recent ReMerge graduate, who has just received guardianship of her 12-year old daughter, move into a new home through another of REES’ charity partners, Focus on Home.

Our team has gone above and beyond to support the organization. For ReMerge’s new building, REES is facilitating the acquisition of artwork from female artists in the state. We hope the woman-made art fuels inspiration, instills peace and leaves a sense of pride for those who interact within the space.

Working with ReMerge has been eye-opening for our team. Through serving this organization, we have witnessed mothers gain back custody of their children, receive GED’s and other job opportunities, attend AA-meetings and substance abuse programs, and much more. We have established personal relationships with women who are breaking the cycle of incarceration and poverty. We are excited to continue our efforts and view the final product of ReMerge’s new facility, Journey Home, very soon.