Renovation of Carillon Community Featured in EFA Magazine

REES’ renovation of Carillon LifeCare Community was featured in the latest issue of Environments for Aging (EFA) Magazine. The project was highlighted in the remodel and renovation design competition piece. Carillon LifeCare Community, a mission-driven nonprofit, strives to provide the best possible environment and quality of life for both residents and staff. Their existing community had not been updated in over a decade. REES was asked to provide a cost-effective solution to renovating the dining room, community lounge, resident corridors and lounges of the oldest building on campus, Pointe Plaza.

The dining room has undergone a complete transformation. Comments are overwhelmingly positive from residents and visitors on the new, elegant resort-style dining. The new design promotes vitality, energy, light and life.”

Scott Wynn, Executive Director of Carillon LifeCare Community

Timeless Design Approach

Through bi-weekly work sessions and on-site meetings, REES collaborated with staff and the development team (consisting of resident and non-resident board members, current residents and staff) to create a refreshed design. Our designers implemented a ‘timeless’ palette that could be refreshed through minor updates.  A neutral base palette was developed, and accent colors were incorporated through textiles and accessories colors.  This allows the community to update spaces on their own, simply by selecting new furniture and art. Design elements, like stone detailing that wraps around columns and a modern fireplace, add an inviting and elevated flare.

Revamping the Dining Areas

Carillon asked for a dining experience that was innovative, efficient and adaptable. We replaced walls and over-sized column wraps that once separated overflow dining space with movable glass partitions. The new partitions allow light to permeate into the main dining room from the adjacent dining spaces’ newly-installed windows. Partitions can be retracted into concealed pockets. This help and enlarge the space for community functions. A skylight was installed the full length of the dining room.  This significantly increased natural light during meal times. 

The ceiling was removed to reveal large wooden support beams and let natural light in.

Improving Circulation for Staff and Residents

By relocating the walls between rooms, REES eliminated the inefficient circulation throughout the dining rooms. The kitchen had served three distinct and separate dining venues through one single access point. The connection created a bottleneck between dining rooms and kitchen, frustrating both residents and staff. REES solved this by replacing the existing kitchen access with separate entrances, improving area flow for both residents and staff. Replacing solid walls around the dining room with movable partitions allows more flexibility.

Comparing circulation flow before and after the redesign

Resident Corridors and Elevator Lobbies

Resident lounges outside of the dining area on the community’s four floors were revamped to encourage socialization. Resident corridors of what used to be a university dormitory were given new lighting and an elevated entry for each unit. This not improved the positioning and marketability of the community but also improved wayfinding for staff and residents when navigating.

Renovated lounges and resident corridors

The renovation has already made a significant impact on staff and residents. During Carillon’s recent re-grand opening, one resident said:

“The transformation is so complete, it is difficult to remember or imagine what it used to be.  This is truly a space everyone can be proud of. ”

REES was honored to refresh Carillon LifeCare Community. We can’t wait to see the impact the renovation will have.

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