Workplace Design Trends: How Office Spaces are Evolving

The rise of remote work is changing how organizations view their office space. Plus, the tight labor market has led to companies prioritizing employee well-being and productivity.

“We are seeing a growing emphasis on creating adaptable spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and diverse work styles,” said Jim Besgrove, Interior Design Leader at REES.

Here are examples of noteworthy workplace trends reshaping the office environment:

Open Office

An open office is still how companies are accommodating the majority of their employees. Companies that have embraced hybrid work are implementing smaller offices with unassigned workstations. Some companies are allowing their staff to reserve workstations and collaboration spaces via an app

Technology To Support Virtual Meetings

Our clients are looking for collaboration spaces and meeting rooms with dedicated technology for virtual meetings. High quality microphones and audio is vital for productive meetings. We’re also seeing an increase in camera systems for meeting rooms that show each participant’s face in a separate window rather than a view of the entire conference room.

More Residential Feel

Clients are requesting workplaces that are more casual and comfortable than in the past. This is leading designers to create spaces that feel like a residential living room, game room or kitchen while using materials that stand up to the demands of a commercial space.

Increased Collaboration

Collaboration spaces are becoming more important, and we’ve had several companies wanting to replace workstations with more collaboration and meeting spaces. When people come to the office, they want to collaborate face-to-face with their co-workers. The increase in video calls is driving employees to spaces where they can meet without distracting background activity.

Social and Recreational Spaces

We’re adding more purely social and recreational spaces to our clients’ offices. Ping-pong tables and Foosball are popular options for encouraging employee social interaction. Outdoor dining and shaded collaborative spaces are also commonly requested.

Connection to Nature

Younger generations appreciate including plants, water and wood tones in the design of spaces. In addition, research has shown this type of biophilic design has productivity and health benefits for all employees.


Our clients are stocking higher quality coffee and snacks in their break rooms as they work to lure people back into the office. We’re seeing the use of high-tech coffee machines that can make lattes, espresso and cold brew and be ordered from a phone app.

These trends are helping companies create adaptable and engaging work environments that enhance employee satisfaction and foster creativity.

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