Hopkins County Hospital District

New Facility Expands EMS Services for Community

Sulphur Springs, Texas, is now home to the new Hopkins County Hospital District’s Headquarters and EMS Station. The new facility will provide emergency services to four of the surrounding counties and serve the local CHRISTUS hospital.

A Permanent Home To Serve The Community

Having outgrown their space consisting of compact and outdated portable office units, HCHD asked REES to design a new station that provides emergency personnel with a permanent facility where they can offer expanded services previously unavailable in their smaller setting. The 14,650-square-foot station includes conference rooms to serve as dedicated spaces for in-house EMS training, classes and health education. The added classrooms and office space also accommodate potential growth – both in space for added EMS staff and as a place for supplemental services to meet community needs.

Protecting EMS Vehicles and Equipment

A notable feature of the larger headquarters is the addition of four covered bays to accommodate six ambulances and an Ambus which can transport and care for up to 24 patients. Prior to the new design, emergency vehicles were parked in the open. The ultimate goal of the new garage is to help the county save on repairs and replacement of EMS vehicles by protecting them from the elements.

EMS Photos