Goosehead Insurance Headquarters Westlake

Vibrant Corporate Headquarters Reflects Youthful Company Culture

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The headquarters of Goosehead Insurance needed to better reflect the company’s culture. Our designers renovated Goosehead’s existing offices to create an energetic workplace and training center spanning two buildings. The first building includes an 11,000-square-foot training center and four floors of offices. The second building includes 22,000 square feet of open office space with a variety of breakout areas suited for collaboration.


The open office offers an array of workspace options supporting employee’s preferred and personalized workstyles. An executive training floor provides comfortable spaces for senior staff to relax or conduct phone calls between training sessions. Several focus rooms allow for private conversations.


A large break room was purposefully designed to be large enough to serve multiple floors in anticipation of Goosehead’s continued growth. A conference room adds bench seating along one wall for both convenient storage space and additional capacity needs. Just outside the meeting room is a small countertop area providing a flexible location for catering service.


The main lobby includes branded signage and vibrant colors to establish a distinct sense of place as visitors step into Goosehead Headquarters. Small conference rooms in the lobby allow for quick and private chats with guests while restricting visitor access to the rest of the building.


Brightly colored finishes and contemporary furniture reflect the energy of Goosehead’s young and modern workforce. Custom artwork not only adorns the space but is also strategically placed to dampen sound on otherwise highly reverberate walls.  


Branded moss walls are part of Goosehead’s visual identity within their office spaces. The moss wall brings nature into the work area without being a maintenance headache – the biophilic design element appears real but is artificial. Research has shown that artificial biophilic designs have the same positive effects as natural materials.