SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital

Prioritizing the health of medical professionals

It’s exciting that our frontline healthcare team will be provided a space where they can take a quiet break, catch their breath, collect themselves emotionally and recharge before returning back to the bedside.

Angi Mohr, President of SSM Health St. Anthony

A Gracious Acknowledgement of Frontline Healthcare Workers

The SSM Health Avedis Foundation’s Rejuvenation Suite was created as a gesture of gratitude acknowledging the work of frontline nursing staff. The relentlessness of the recent COVID-19 pandemic only emphasized the importance of self-care for healthcare professionals. Increased patient loads, unprecedented demands on healthcare staffing and extended work hours lead to exhaustion and burnout. The suite provides retreat for healthcare staff to relax, recharge and refresh.

A retreat for relaxing and refreshing

Rooted in wellness research showing 30 percent of healthcare workers experience depression caused by work-related stress, the Avedis Rejuvenation Suite prioritizes the mental and physical health of St. Anthony’s medical staff. St. Anthony Hospital believes maintaining a healthy staff is fundamental to providing the highest quality of care to patients.

A Reclaimed, Rejuvenating Space

At 1,655 square feet, the space had previously been renovated twice – once as a reclaimed patient area then as a suite of office spaces – before transforming into the present in-house wellness suite.

An Oasis for Medical Staff

Designers collaborated closely with both St. Anthony Hospital and its donor to create a space celebrating mental health – with flexible fitness space, artwork installations, relaxing seating options, and dimmable lighting systems.

Calming earth tones of dark blues, greens and canyon tan create an unexpected oasis in the middle of the busy hospital. A private workout room provides an intentional area for staff to prioritize their physical health and let off steam.

Creating a Soothing Ambiance

Luxurious features include an enclosed “bubble wall” with LED lighting, an option to permeate the HVAC systems with aromatherapy, and a surface-mounted projector. The projection wall recreates sounds and imagery to envelop staff in peaceful nature scenes, such as forests or waterfalls.

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