Fortune 500 Technology Company

Office Consolidation Revives Idle Space

A Fortune 500 Technology Company needed to consolidate its sales team onto a single floorplate. REES retrofitted an underutilized floor to increase capacity, accommodate different workstyles and encourage collaboration.


Plano, Texas

Project Type

Consolidation / Renovation

Project Goals

Increase Capacity and Encourage Collaboration

Design Features

Gamification Technology; Noise-Cancelling Collaboration Pods; Dry-Erase Tabletops

Overhauled Space Accommodates Increased Staff

The furniture layout in the open office space was refit to accommodate the added workstations and repurposed furniture moved from other floors. Gamification technology was added to the perimeter of the core sales room allowing the sales team to track and celebrate live sales calls in real time. Dispersed throughout the floor are noise-cancelling focus pods allowing employees a place for private conversations and phone calls.

Repurposed workspaces foster collaboration

Three unused training rooms were expanded and reimagined into subdivided, bench-style office neighborhoods offering nooks for breakout meetings and impromptu collaborations.

A vacant conference room was revitalized after the addition of modern light fixtures and contemporary furniture. A conference table with a dry-erase tabletop offers a place for hands-on collaboration and team planning. Two noise-cancelling collaboration pods and a noise-cancelling privacy booth sit within the conference room as options for private conversations or conference calls.

Several unused rooms were repurposed into small breakout conference rooms featuring textured and brightly colored felt wall coverings. Throughout the entire floor are pops of vibrantly colored furniture, modern textiles and patterned carpet to help energize the space and evoke innovative character.

Consolidated, Collaborative and Modern