University of Oklahoma Stephenson Cancer Center SOC Pharmacy

Improved Pharmacy Workflow with Compliance Upgrade

USP 800 Compliance

The OU Stephenson Cancer Center needed to update a pharmacy to meet the newly implemented USP 800 standards that protect healthcare workers and patients who come in contact with hazardous drugs. The necessary upgrade allowed REES the opportunity to help the pharmacists create a tailor-made space that also improves the efficiency of workflow.

Project Type

Renovation Upgrade

Project Location

Oklahoma City, OK

Project Size

1,645 square feet

Special Feature

Custom Automatic stainless steel doors

Improving Communication

The renovation expanded the central room to create larger and more open workstations for pharmacy staff. The central station’s unobstructed views of the windows into the compounding room and hazardous mixing room improves communication and interactions among the pharmacists and staff.

Easing Pharmacy Workflow

The addition of a steel medication pass-through apparatus connects the central pharmacy room to the hazardous mixing room allowing for quick and seamless delivery of compounded medication from one room to the next. The addition of the medication pass-through eliminates the need for a pharmacy runner and improves pharmacy efficiency.

A custom, automatic stainless-steel door was added between the pharmacy and the ante room where pharmacy staff scrub down and change into PPE before entering the pharmacy. Additionally, a new and separate alcove was created just off the ante room as storage for hazardous PPE gear.