Goosehead Insurance

New Office Empowers Employee Well-Being and Productivity


Las Vegas, Nevada


29,000 square feet


Commercial, Interior Tenant Finish Out

Challenges Addressed

Appeal to Younger Generations; Coordinate Construction in Mixed-Use Development; Balance Spaces for Collaboration, Innovation and Productivity

When national insurance firm Goosehead Insurance sought to relocate its Las Vegas office, they enlisted REES to create a cutting-edge workspace that would empower their employees and drive productivity. The result is a 29,000-square-foot modern, flexible environment that fosters employee well-being and collaboration. The space embodies Goosehead’s company values of relentless innovation and superior service while weaving in a bit of Vegas flair. Every element of the office, from the open workspaces to the engaging social areas, is meticulously designed to promote a flexible workstyle, encourage collaboration and reflect the company’s vibrant brand.

Promoting Flexible Workstyles

The open, flexible environment empowers employees to work according to their preferred workstyle. The modern layout accommodates a variety of personalized settings, including independent work at assigned workstations, one-on-one meetings in private offices and group brainstorming sessions in co-working spaces. Furniture is strategically placed for deep work or casual conversation. Formal meetings convene in conference rooms equipped with advanced technology for quick and seamless connection. Employees receive sales and service resources and mentorship in an adaptable training room. With the ability to quickly reconfigure the furniture, the space adapts to each group’s need. Breakout areas around the office encourage team collaboration and innovation, with small areas zoned for presentations or team gatherings.

Engaging Social Spaces

Designed to integrate the work-life balance, employees can take a break in engaging recreational spaces throughout the office. A large breakroom, characterized by its variety of seating arrangements, serves as a hub for colleagues to socialize during breaks and meals. Employees can start quick pick-up games at the ping pong or foosball tables. The wellness room offers a quieter place to unwind from the busy workday. Those attending sessions in the training room can enjoy the refreshment center, which encourages networking and collaboration. Complementing the office’s indoor spaces, an outdoor terrace offers employees fresh air, overlooking shops and restaurants below.

Distinct Branding and Regional Aesthetics

With offices across the nation, the Las Vegas location’s design infuses Goosehead’s distinct branding while celebrating its regional ties. Pops of the company’s vibrant green visually enhances the surround-seating in the lobby, bright glass displays in the refreshment center and laser lighting installations in the breakroom. The Goosehead logo is incorporated in a unique twist—working with a graffiti artist, the logo was integrated with elements of the city skyline and desert terrain, creating a visual focal point. Other regional aesthetics were incorporated, such as artwork depicting local landmarks and nearby national parks. Each area in the office space is curated with the essence of the surrounding environment, establishing the insurance company’s presence in the heart of Las Vegas.

Goosehead Insurance’s new Las Vegas office embodies their commitment towards a dynamic, supportive workplace while also aligning with their mission to deliver high-quality service and exceptional client experience. This cohesive approach ensures employees are empowered to thrive while serving their clients with excellence, driving the company towards continued growth and success.