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REES is pleased to present our qualifications to Wood. At REES, we are focused on building lasting relationships. We invite you to review these examples of our work. We also encourage you to speak with our clients to understand our commitment to quality design and client service. We appreciate your consideration and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Hybrid Workplace Approach

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REES Visualization and Animation

Our in-house visualization and animation team provides our clients with the ability see their projects come to life and fully experience their spaces before construction starts. We find these dimensional animations spur excitement for the project. This ability to fully appreciate a space builds support for the project and energizes our clients.

Our team can provide a full spectrum of visualization from two dimensional renderings to full, photo-realistic animations.

HPE Houston Headquarters

For Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s new global headquarters, we created an animation that “walked” the team through key areas of their new building. This virtual animation played a pivotal role of generating excitement among employees and helping internal stake holders understand the impact of the new space on their workflow.

Our team’s ability to digitally sketch, then animate, their space helped HPE fully envision how their space as every aspect, facet and detail of HPE’s space was brought to life.

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